For patients

Midwest Internal Medicine Hospitalists are internal medicine and pediatric physicians who provide care to hospitalized patients at Mercy Hospital. We provide in-hospital care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. More commonly known as "hospitalists," we are highly experienced in the diagnosis, treatment and coordination of care of hospitalized patient. Think of us as your primary care doctor while you are hospitalized.

Your personal physician referred you to Midwest Internal Medicine Hospitalists because we are skilled internal medicine specialists whose primary focus is on the care of the hospitalized patient.

Your MIM hospitalist doctor will direct your care, answer your questions, and coordinate your discharge plans. He or she will stay in contact with your personal physician during your stay.

You may have more than one MIM hospitalist if you have a prolonged hospital stay. Our electronic health record system will ensure that all relevant information regarding your care will be conveyed to your physician(s).
During your hospital stay, your MIM hospitalist will contact your personal physician to obtain additional medical history and discuss treatment plans, if necessary. Upon discharge, a letter detailing your hospital stay, test results and follow-up instructions will be sent to your clinic physician.
When you are discharged from the hospital, your outpatient physician will resume responsibility for your care. Depending on your outpatient medical needs, you may also be under the care of other specialist physicians.
Midwest Internal Medicine Hospitalists doctors participate in almost all insurance plans. If you are concerned about insurance, please contact your health care plan.