Inpatient cardiac rehabilitation

Phase 1 monitored inpatient

The cardiac rehabilitation team will work closely with your doctor to teach you simple exercises that help increase your physical skills. During your inpatient session your heart is monitored and a tailored program is developed that you can safely use when you are home. We will also teach you and your family how to manage your condition. Cardiac rehabilitation is a critical component in rapid recovery and return to an active lifestyle.

Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation

Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation services includes exercise and education on risk factor modification.

Phase 2 monitored outpatient

Phase 2 cardiac rehab is usually covered by insurance, but you need to contact your provider to ensure coverage. The focus is working on physical skills to return to your normal activities. We also teach you about your heart condition, your risk factors and how to incorporate changes for better health. Continuous heart monitoring and frequent vital sign assessment by staff ensures a safe exercise program of six to 12 weeks, two to three times a week. Your physician is updated regularly on your progress.

Maintenance Program

NOTE: this program was suspended as of March 2020.

This final phase is a cardiac maintenance exercise program or a community exercise program. Medical professionals check your vital signs as needed and help you set goals for a healthier lifestyle. Each staff member is Advanced Cardiac Life Support trained to assist you with any emergent problem.