Education and benefits


Resident education is driven by individual motivation with many excellent resources available to facilitate the residency experience.

Journal Club and Radiology Conference

The Podiatry Section Journal Club occurs once per month, on the first Thursday of each month. Residents are responsible for acquiring recent journal articles that are related to the field of Podiatry and then are expected to present the pertinent findings of these articles to the attending staff.

Radiology Conference occurs once per month, on the third Thursday of each month. During the Radiology Conference, local attending surgeons present their difficult cases, and/or complications, with intent to search for additional opinions regarding treatment or to discuss related issues amongst a group of peers.

PRESENT Lectures

The Podiatric Residency Lecture Series “PRESENT” is available to our resident for review during spare time.

Mercy CME Series

Mercy Hospital sponsors a bi-weekly CME series in which local medical experts present contemporary issues in medicine. In the past, podiatry residents from both Mercy Hospital campuses have provided lectures at this symposium as well.

Library facilities

The library facilities at Mercy Hospital and with the Allina Health System are an excellent resource for individual study needs. The majority of Podiatry/Orthopedic journals are available at the Mercy Facility including the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Foot and Ankle International, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, and Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research. Furthermore, most journals that not available in paper are available through the hospitals “E-journal” system. Any published manuscript or text is available through inter-library loan. Many relevant texts pertaining to surgery of the Foot and Ankle are available for use at the Mercy Hospital Library.

Residency rotations

Residents traditionally complete rotations with the Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Physical Therapy, Pathology, Internal Medicine, Vascular Surgery/Cardiology, and Prosthetics services.

Surgical experiences with General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Plastic Surgery are “on-going,” and residents are expected to continuously participate in Podiatry clinic and surgery.


Aside from the superior educational opportunities provided through the 36-Month Mercy Podiatric Medical and Surgical Residency Program, residents enjoy exceptional benefits including affordable health and life insurance plans, a retirement savings plan, uniforms, meals, and on-site exercise facilities.

The call schedule is flexible and determined amongst the residents. Residents are expected to promptly return all pages.

All medical records are electronic, including radiology studies. Transcriptions, reports, and studies are available 24 hours per day from any computer equipped with the appropriate software configurations.