Ordering Prescriptions at Allina Health Pharmacy

Ordering Prescriptions at Allina Health Pharmacy


At Allina Health Pharmacy, we make it convenient for you to fill your prescriptions. Whether you need a refill, have a prescription to fill or wish to transfer an existing prescription to one of our locations, we provide options, expertise and resources that make the process easy, answering any questions you may have along the way. 

  • Online: Use your free Allina Health account to request prescription refills at any Allina Health Pharmacy. Sign in or sign up now. 
  • Phone: Call your pharmacy (no need to call your clinic). Be sure to call two to three business days before you are out of medicine.
  • Fax: Your clinic may fax your prescription to your pharmacy. If you receive a paper prescription, bring it with you when picking up your prescription.
  • In person: You can always visit the Allina Health Pharmacy of your choice to order your prescription.

Refills are generally available within 48 hours.

No refills left? 

If your prescription was previously filled at an Allina Health Pharmacy you may request more refills via:

  • Phone: Call the Allina Health Pharmacy location of your choice.
  • Online: Sign in to your Allina Health account, select Health info, then select Medications.

Have your name, prescription number and name of medication ready when requesting refills. If the prescription number is not known, your birth date and/or social security number may be used to find the record.

Tips on refilling your prescription

  • Before your next appointment, check your medicines to see if you need any refills. If you do, tell your health care provider at your appointment.
  • If you have enough medicine until your next appointment, do not call for a refill. Your medicine may be changed when you go in for your appointment.
  1. Have a prescription order signed by your physician.
  2. Bring it to one of our pharmacy locations OR have your physician call or fax in the new order.

We make it easy to transfer your prescription to any of our pharmacy locations. To transfer a prescription:

  1. Find the name and phone number of your previous pharmacy.
  2. Call the Allina Health Pharmacy location of your choice to arrange for a transfer of your prescription.

If you need a stimulant prescription, or are calling for someone who needs a written prescription, call your clinic and leave a message on the nurse line with the following information:

  • patient's name (include spelling of the last name)
  • patient's date of birth
  • name of the medicine.
  • phone number where you can be reached
  • indicate if prescription will be picked up or mailed to the patient

The clinic needs three to five days to get the refill written and signed.

Discounts and complimentary services

Medicare-approved drug discount program

Allina Health Pharmacy is in network for many Medicare D plan sponsors and also participates with Medicare supplemental plans in the state of Minnesota. To speak to an Allina Health representative about the Medicare-approved drug discount program, call 866-462-2057 (select option 5).

For general information about Medicare prescription drug coverage, visit medicare.gov.

Free mail delivery of prescriptions

Most prescriptions can be delivered by mail free of charge to Minnesota residents. For more information regarding this service:

  • Call Allina Health Heart Hospital Pharmacy at 612-775-3100. 
  • Sign in to your Allina Health account; select Healthinfo, then Medications and type "mail order" in text box in Step 1 of 2.

Medication questions

If you have questions about your medications:

  • Contact your pharmacy or the health care provider who prescribed the medicine. 
  • As an Allina Health patient, you can send medication questions to your clinic or care team via secure email in your Allina Health account.

Other tips on your prescription

  • Your prescription may say "no refills." This can happen if a new order is received and the prescription number is different. You may still have refills available at your pharmacy. They will fill the new prescription when you call them for a refill. If needed, have them check your profile. If they do not have orders, they will call your clinic.
  • Refills are not available after clinic hours.