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Coronavirus update

All retail pharmacies are open at this time and filling prescriptions. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of no cost mailing of maintenance prescriptions. You can make this request via your Allina Health account or by calling your pharmacy.

Refills/renewals are still being granted as in the past. In some cases, protocols have been relaxed pusing out the need for office visits or lab tests. Patients will be informed if you need to be seen by your provider. Many insurance companies are allowing early refills or extended day supplies, although you will need to confirm this with your insurance provider.

Allina Health Pharmacy annually fills more than 900,000 orders at locations in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota.

We are licensed to serve residents in the state of Minnesota.

Ordering prescriptions

Refill a prescription

Refills are generally available within 48 hours at an Allina Health Pharmacy.

If there are no refills left on your prescription, the process to get the prescription request to the pharmacy may take up to three business days.

If your prescription was previously filled at an Allina Health Pharmacy:

  1. Have your name, prescription number and name of the medication ready.
    - or -
    if the prescription number is not known, your birth date and/or Social Security number can be used to find the record.
  2. Call the Allina Health Pharmacy location of your choice
    - or -
    Sign in to your Allina Health account and select Health info, then Medications. (Prescription refills requested online are only available from an Allina Health Pharmacy.)

Fill a new prescription

To fill a new prescription at an Allina Health Pharmacy:

  1. Have a prescription order signed by your physician.
  2. Bring it to one of our pharmacy locations or have your physician call or fax in the new order.
  1. Find the name and phone number of your previous pharmacy
  2. Call the Allina Health Pharmacy location of your choice

We are able to deliver most prescriptions by mail to residents of Minnesota.

To have most or all of your prescriptions mailed to you, please call the Allina Health Heart Hospital Pharmacy at 612-775-3100.
- or -
Sign in to your Allina Health account and select Healthinfo, then Medications. Type "mail order" in the text box in Step 1 of 2.

The pharmacy should have the prescription in the mail within four to seven business days of receiving the order.

To have your Allina Health Pharmacy prescription refill delivered to The Commons at no additional charge:

  1. Sign in to your Allina Health account.
  2. Click on Health info.
  3. Click on Medications.
  4. Click on the green Request a refill button next to the prescription you'd like to refill.
  5. Type "concierge" in to the text box on step 1 of 2.
  6. Select "Allina Health Piper Building Pharmacy" in step 2 of 2.

Concierge pharmacy prescription deliveries are available for pick up in room 886 between 2 and 3 p.m.

  • Fillable prescriptions requested before 9 a.m. will be delivered the same day.
  • All others will be delivered on the next weekday.

Any questions? Call Allina Health Piper Building Pharmacy at 612-863-5370.

If you have questions about your medications, contact your pharmacy or the health care provider who prescribed the medicine.

As an Allina Health patient, you can send medication question using secure email to your clinic or care team in your Allina Health account.

Specialty pharmacy program

The specialty pharmacy program helps manage your medicine needs, if you have a complex medical condition. You would benefit from specialty pharmacy program services if you have a complex medical condition, such as multiple sclerosis, organ transplant, inflammatory diseases or hepatitis C.

For more information call 1-866-462-2057.

Medicine safety

Safe medication disposal

For easy at-home disposal, use a Deterra™ drug deactivation packet. 

Unused medications can now be dropped off at any Allina Health pharmacy location. Look for the large, green take-back box located in each pharmacy. NOTE: Sharps, illegal substances and medical cannabis cannot be disposed of in the new containers.

Safe medication disposal sites

To learn about safe disposal of unused or expired medicine, including what to do about sharps or illegal substances, visit dose of reality-mndose of reality-wi or

Get more medicine safety tips.

Financial assistance

Pharmacy technician smiles as she hands prescription order to man standing at counter.