Right before surgery

  • You will meet the surgery team, including the surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist and operating room nurses. They will talk with you about the anesthesia and surgery. Your team will verify with you where you are having surgery. The site may be marked, depending what type of surgery you are having.
  • You may wear a hospital gown or a special gown to keep you warm.
  • You will lie on a padded bed.
  • The room temperature will be cool. (Tell a member of your health care team if you are chilled.)
  • The surgery area will be clipped and draped, if needed. Do not shave the surgery site.
  • An intravenous (IV) line will be started into your arm — if not already done.
  • You may receive medicine to make you relax.
  • The anesthesiologist will give you medicine that will either put you to sleep or numb the surgery site.
  • Right after surgery you will be taken to a recovery room.

Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department, Surgery: What You Need to Know, surg-ah-21686
First Published: 01/15/2011
Last Reviewed: 11/25/2019