Strawberry-iced orange juice

Heart Smart Gluten Free Low Sodium

Strawberries and orange juice are both great sources of vitamin C, the healing vitamin.


1 pound fresh strawberries, stems removed and cut in half
4 cups chilled orange juice


  1. In blender, purée strawberries until smooth.
  2. Pour puréed strawberries into an ice cube tray. Place in freezer until frozen.
  3. To serve, pour 4 ounces orange juice into a glass, add two strawberry ice cubes and enjoy!

Makes 8 servings

Carb choices per serving: 1

First Published: 11/19/2014
Last Reviewed: 11/19/2014

Be creative and try this recipe with a combination of your favorite fruits. Try strawberry kiwi or blackberry raspberry.

strawberry iced orange juice label