Physical Therapy with MedX Rehabilitation
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Physical Therapy with MedX Rehabilitation

for low back and neck pain

What is MedX?

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (CKRI) offers a unique rehabilitation program for low back and neck pain using MedX Rehabilitation equipment. The program focuses on restoring strength and range of motion by isolating and targeting the muscle groups supporting your lumbar and cervical spine with your safety and goals in mind. Physical therapists will create a customized program to help you reduce pain and return to normal function.

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MedX therapy and rehabilitation:
Who can benefit from MedX?

According to the National Institutes of Health, lower back and neck pain is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in the United States, affecting more than 30% of working Americans.

CKRI physical therapy with MedX equipment offers a non-surgical approach to alleviating lower back and neck pain. Specially trained physical therapists safely stabilize the torso to isolate and strengthen the muscles supporting the spine.

With more than 30 clinical trials and published research studies and more than 100,000 patients treated, the MedX equipment is one of the most well-documented and frequently researched pieces of clinical rehabilitation equipment worldwide.

MedX rehabilitation features: What to expect

  • Isolates and strengthens the neck muscles that support the cervical spine by supporting the chest and torso
  • Includes the ability to measure your strength at standardized test points within your pain-free range of motion
  • Delivers a customized and dynamic exercise program designed to safely and incrementally strengthen a patient's back and neck muscles while increasing range of motion
  • Generates exercise reports to track a patient’s progress using MedX rehabilitation software
  • CKRI’s unique program allows for efficient treatment while decreasing muscle soreness
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