Your gifts in action

The generosity of individuals and businesses enables us to make exciting updates and enhancements to the services offered at Cambridge Medical Center. Here is a glimpse of the initiatives your generosity helped bring to life in 2019.

Cambridge Medical Center Foundation Stewardship Flyer

In 2019, Cambridge Medical Center Foundation allocated funds to many initiatives, including:

  • New harmonicas for the Healing Harmonicas Program offers patients with compromised pulmonary (lung) functioning an opportunity to improve lung function. It also provides group members—who tend to become isolative because of their conditions, an opportunity for social connection.
  • Equipment for the Hand Therapy Program through the Courage Kenny program expands the Isanti Clinic's service offerings.
  • Musical Instruments for the Mental Health Inpatient Program allow the therapists to work with patients on positive self-expression through music therapy.
  • Blanket/Gown Warmers for the Radiology (mammography) and Mental Health areas to provide warmth, comfort, and modesty.
  • A Stretcher Chair (instead of a gurney) for patients facilitates a more effortless transfer through many narrow doorways. It also helps preserve the dignity of the patient as they move through public areas.
  • New Blue-Tooth enabled televisions in the Infusion Therapy/Chemotherapy Rooms to provide patients receiving treatments with an opportunity to watch TV or movies.
  • Blue Tooth Enabled Technology (TV, iPad) for the Mental Health unit assists with patient education and recreational activities.
  • CPR Mannequins for the Community Engagement department to use when teaching Red Cross CPR certification classes in the community.
  • Books for all Adolescents at well-child visits help them understand what to expect during puberty.
  • Landscaping for the front of the medical center offers a welcoming first impression.
  • Continuing education for staff, including a Yoga certification course for an employee in the Mental Health program. Yoga techniques are useful to both patients and staff.
  • Multiple emergency financial assistance programs provide relief to local community members facing financial difficulty due to a diagnosis.
  • Many other programs and services at CMC!