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My experience from the day one when we walked in the front door to starting from the greeter was respect, kindness, just complete courteous to myself and my husband.

Birth is such an important time, and I think that-- I guess I just really felt it was worth dedicating your life to it.

When I was visiting with the doctor on my clinic appointment, he was reading through some reports of my previous experiences, and he just really expressed his empathy towards what I had gone through. And he's like, oh, I'm so sorry you went through that kind of stuff. And I was like, oh, it's so nice to hear that you like feel me.

Most everyone who works here lives in the community.

It's a very special small community, and people really-- it's a close knit community.

I think just everyone who works here just feels very passionate about making birth a safe and sacred time in a woman's life. So I think that we really offer more personalized care. All of us are OB/GYNs, so we can do everything for the patient. We can do a vaginal delivery, we can do a c-section, we can do an instrumental delivery.

Whatever the patient wants, we can really be there for them in a very, very skilled fashion.

Our constant thought was, wow, wow, wow, you know? Different things that we came across, including in the OR when I was able to see the baby come out for the first time ever on a screen.

You go right into a labor room, which is really-- it's very large and accommodating, and then you will labor on this side and do whatever you want for pain control. And then once you deliver, the patient recovers over here for an hour or two and then it goes over to the postpartum side. And it's just nice that we have the postpartum side. It's very calm.

It's like a hotel experience, whether that's the opportunity to pick up the phone and order food as you wish or the privacy in your own private room.

I think it's just the most important time in life is bringing a human into the world and it should be done just with a lot of skill and respectfully.


Postpartum room

After your baby is born, we move you to an elegant, private postpartum room to continue bonding with your newborn. Each room features luxury amenities and all the comforts of home including private soaking tubs, rocking chair, flat-screen TV, wireless Internet and refrigerator.