Allina Health doctor discusses HeartScan after surprising heart attack death of 46-year-old NBA assistant coach

[WCCO Radio, January 18, 2024] When Golden State Warriors assistant coach Dejan Milojevic died after suffering a heart attack at a team dinner in Utah, many people were shocked. Milojevic was a former elite athlete, appeared healthy and was just 46 years old.

WCCO radio reached out to Michael Miedema, MD, MPH, a preventive cardiologist with Allina Health Minneapolis Heart Institute, to find out how common heart attacks are in younger people and what can be done to decrease the chances of having a heart attack before the age of 50.

Dr. Miedema shared some valuable information including:

  • Multiple factors play a role in coronary heart disease. They include cholesterol levels, blood pressure, genetics and more.
  • A person who works out and eats well could still be at risk because of their genetics.
  • There are tests to help you determine your risk of coronary heart disease, including HeartScan. The test typically costs $99.

Listen to the 6-minute interview below.

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