Protecting your heart during the holiday season

[WCCO-TV News, December 11, 2023] Research shows we see an increase in heart attacks during the winter months, especially around December 24 and 25. Courtney Jordan Baechler, MD is a cardiologist with Allina Health, and she says there are many factors that contribute to this rise in heart attacks. We may think of the holiday season as a short span of time, but in reality, it can be more than six to eight weeks of:

  • stressful schedules
  • indulgent eating
  • lack of exercise
  • and much more.


Those changes mixed with other factors can contribute to heart trouble. Dr. Baechler gave more insight and shared some easy tips to prioritize your health, while still having a good time as we enjoy the holidays. Watch her interview on WCCO-TV below.

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