Allina Health doctor shares tips to prepare for winter

[The Journal, November 03, 2023] We want to make sure you are prepared for winter. We know you know how important it is to have proper winter gear. We also want to make sure you remember your mental and physical health. Maggie McEvoy, MD of New Ulm Medical Center Clinic shared some tips with The Journal to help us all stay as healthy as possible during winter.

To reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses:
“Wear your mask and wash your hands,” Dr. McEvoy said. “Get a good pair of boots for traction. If you get wet get into dry clothes immediately. Try to keep your household humidity at about 40% using a humidifier. If you get a bloody nose, press and hold it for 15 minutes until we know the bleeding has stopped.”

Pay attention to your mental health:
“Some moods are kind of sad with the Hallmark holidays happening,” Dr. McEvoy said. “Not everybody’s life is a Hallmark greeting card. Pay attention to your mood and those of your friends and family. Check if people are changing, irritable, or not acting like themselves. Go ahead and ask or talk to a trusted friend. It’s okay to ask for help.”

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Maggie McEvoy, MD
Posted on November 03, 2023 in newspapers

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