Recognizing and treating ADHD in students

[WCCO-TV, August 25, 2023] Allina Health psychologist Clint VanLith, PsyD was live on WCCO-TV’s morning show to talk about attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD.

Dr. VanLith says there are two main sides of ADHD - inattentiveness or hyperactive impulsiveness. He says some kids struggle with one or both. Most parents start seeking help when they realize the behavior is disrupting the child’s life. He suggests parents speak to their child’s pediatrician if they have concerns. A child psychologist can help with the ultimate diagnosis.

Dr. Vanlith says treatment can include guiding the adults in the child’s life, such as parents and teachers, to better understand the needs of the child, as well as medication.

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