Allina Health researchers find certain post-discharge treatments improve COVID survival rates

[Allina Health News: Research, August 14, 2023] {{alt}}Researchers at Allina Health conducted one of the largest retrospective studies to help guide providers as they discharge COVID-19 patients, in order to improve survival rates and lower the risk of readmission. 

Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a serious complication in hospitalized patients. Prophylaxis with anticoagulation medication (i.e., blood thinners) has been shown to reduce risk of VTE. COVID-19 increases the risk of VTE, especially among hospitalized patients. While in-hospital preventative treatments were common practice during the pandemic, it was unclear whether patients would benefit from prophylaxis after discharge as well as how to best identify patients who might benefit without additional risk of bleeding.

Providers at Allina Health Abbott Northwestern Hospital developed a protocol for determining the patients most likely to benefit from treatment after discharge. In a study recently published in Vascular Medicine, the Allina Health team demonstrated that patients receiving the prophylaxis at the time of discharge ultimately had better survival and lower risk of readmission.

Posted on August 14, 2023 in Abbott Northwestern Hospitalresearch

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