Aneurysm device study looking for volunteers

KARE-TV photo

[KARE-TV, January 13, 2015] Wendy Salter keeps a selfie of sorts on her phone. It's a picture of blood vessels in her brain and an aneurysm protruding from them. Showing the picture, she laughed, "It looks like a stick person so if you think about it, it's like your subconscious." The head of the stick figure, the aneurysm, was found when she had dental problems. She explained, "I had an infection, an abscess, under my tooth and when they did a CT scan to see how deep it was they found it." Neurointerventionalist Dr. Josser Delgado of Abbott Northwestern Hospital said a majority of aneurysms he has treated have been found when doctors are looking for something else.

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