Allina Health Cancer Institute partners with Foundation Medicine to advance precision oncology across its cancer care network

MINNEAPOLIS (April 20, 2023) — The Allina Health Cancer Institute today announced a non-exclusive collaboration with Foundation Medicine to use its portfolio of comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) tests across its cancer care network to help identify the most appropriate treatment plans for patients living with advanced cancer.  

“Foundation Medicine offers high-quality, well-validated comprehensive genomic profiling tests to help identify unique mutations in each individual’s cancer which may be enabling it to grow or spread,” said Dr. Badrinath Konety, MD, president, Allina Health Cancer Institute. “By reading a tumor’s genetic makeup and analyzing tumor biomarkers via tissue or blood samples, Foundation Medicine’s tests provide our physicians the precise information that can help us create a personalized cancer treatment plan for each patient.”

Comprehensive genomic profiling — also known as biomarker testing or tumor profiling — leverages next generation sequencing to evaluate more than 300 cancer-related genes to detect genomic mutations known to drive cancer growth. The information generated from these tests is delivered in a comprehensive report that can help oncologists identify targeted therapies, immunotherapies, or clinical trial options that are best suited to an individual patient.

“While traditional chemotherapy works by killing all rapidly growing cells, targeted treatments work by killing the cancerous cells which harbor mutations identified by CGP. For some patients, targeted treatments may be easier to tolerate and may be able to be used for longer periods of time than traditional chemotherapy,” said Mike Koroscik, vice president, Allina Health Cancer Institute.  “By leveraging Foundation Medicine’s tests across its cancer care network patients can receive the same high level of personalized advanced cancer care regardless of which Allina Health location and which Allina Health physician they visit.”

More and more patients can benefit from molecular profiling due to the rapidly growing number of targeted therapies available today. These include novel therapies being developed for less prevalent gene alterations.

To learn more about how Foundation Medicine and Allina Health are working together to advance precision cancer care, visit here.

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