Allina Health’s Abbott Northwestern Hospital first in Minnesota to use new device for feeding ICU patients

MINNEAPOLIS (November 15, 2022) — Allina Health’s Abbott Northwestern Hospital is the first healthcare facility in Minnesota to use a new innovative procedure to support feeding patients in its intensive care units (ICU). In August, Abbott Northwestern started performing percutaneous ultrasound gastrostomies (PUG), a technique using a new medical device created by CoapTech that allows ultrasound-trained providers to place gastrostomy tubes (G-tubes) in patients using only ultrasound guidance with CoapTech’s PUMA-G device..

Since its launch, Abbott Northwestern Hospital has successfully implemented this minimally invasive approach in at least 7 patients in its intensive care unit. Until now, when a patient was unable to eat or swallow long-term, a G-tube was placed by a general surgeon requiring consultation, scheduling the procedure plus support and equipment from endoscopy services.

“The PUG safely and quickly simplifies the process of placing a feeding tube while eliminating the need for additional equipment and a general surgeon,” said Joshua Huelster, MD an intensivist in Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s intensive care unit. “It simplifies and speeds up the process of placing a feeding tube providing more efficient care for a patient in need of long-term enteral nutrition.”

The PUMA-G device combines magnetic attraction and ultrasound imaging to create a visualization for real-time clinician feedback, resulting in a safer and more effective minimally invasive procedure that can be performed bedside for the placement of a feeding tube. Bedside placement in the ICU by an Intensive Care Specialist facilitates shorter ICU stays and more efficient care for critically ill patients.

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