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Allina Health Home Health – Mother & Newborn

Allina Health Home Health – Mother & Newborn provides a wide range of specialized home care services for women experiencing pregnancy complications, for mothers, newborns and their families following a hospital delivery and for gynecological surgical wound complications.

The goal is to support patients in the transition from clinic or hospital discharge to caring for themselves and their infants at home. Services are provided in the patient's home, hospital or clinic setting by registered nurses in the 11-county metropolitan Twin Cities area.


Antepartum (before the birth) services: skilled nursing care, uterine monitoring, subcutaneous therapies for hyperemesis in pregnancy, hypertension monitoring, diabetic services and administration of progesterone. Fetal assessments include non-stress test.

Postpartum (after the birth) services: mother/newborn skilled nursing assessments and interventions, newborn care, education and support for breast or bottle feeding, assessments of the newborn under home phototherapy, and lab specimens, including serum bilirubin levels.

Wound care services: skilled nursing care for obstetric wound care patients.