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Our facilities

The seventh and eighth floors of Abbott Northwestern's Heart Hospital are occupied by the Neuroscience/Orthopaedic/Spine Patient Center. Abbott Northwestern's specialized spine unit was designed with input from physicians, nurses, staff, families and patients to create a healing environment around a patient-centered model of care.

The Spine Institute facilities feature:

  • state of the art space designated for physical therapies provided by the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
  • rooms are private and are designed to accommodate patients' specific needs, including ceiling lifts and state-of-the-art beds
  • sleeping space in each patient room for one designated guest if needed
  • educational space for patients, families and staff
  • a spacious, quiet solarium and an atrium for families and patients to relax and enjoy.

Surgical Services

Abbott Northwestern's Surgical Services Department has 33 operating rooms and more than 250 pre- and post-surgical staff. This is one of the largest and most advanced surgical departments in the area. Surgery patients are cared for by teams of highly specialized physicians and nurses. These caregivers have access to the most advanced tools modern technology has to offer.

Visit the surgical services online to learn more about what you can expect from your surgery experience.

Watch videos about how to prepare and what to expect for your upcoming spine surgery.