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The following is the step wise process that works best for direct admissions and transfers to the Abbott Northwestern Hospitalist Service.

For regional outpatient Allina Health clinics

  1. Identify the patient that requires direct admission (vs.patients that would benefit from more timely evaluation through the Emergency Department)
  2. Clinic staff should call the Abbott Northwestern Hospitalist Service answering service at 612-863-7560 and provide the following information: patient name, date of birth, primary clinic physician and medical information.
  3. Either our nurse care coordinator of the Abbott Northwestern Hospitalist Service service or our chief physician of the day will subsequently receive the patient information from the answering service and forward it on to the physician who will be admitting the patient.
  4. The hospitalist will then call the clinic in order to speak with the clinic physician about the patient's condition.
  5. Clinic staff should then call patient placement at 612-863-3535 to provide patient information, type of hospital bed required, and the name of the Abbott Northwestern Hospitalist Service physician who will admit the patient.

For referring hospitals and non-Allina Health medical clinics

Call Physician to Physician (P to P) at 612-262-3031 to speak directly with our chief hospitalist physician of the day. The P to P service will assist in making all of the arrangements for the patient's transfer.