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Deep Brain Stimulation patient testimonials

Listen to the story of an essential tremor patient who had Deep Brain Stimulation

Eric's story of using Deep Brain Stimulation to treat essential tremor

[Dr. Kyle Nelson]: Now we’re going to have Eric come up. He had his DBS about a year ago now. He has essential tremor.

[Eric]: Hi, my name is Eric. I have had essential tremor since my late teens. About 15 years ago, I looked into DBS. I was ready to do it, but I lost my insurance and I couldn’t go through with it. After that, it started getting worse and worse. Last year I was able to finally go through the process and have the procedure done. I don’t know what the difference is between the surgery for Parkinson’s and essential tremor, but I can tell you that my surgery was all right. Obviously, you are awake for it, but I think it is not much worse than going to the dentist, as far as the discomfort that you will experience. There was no pain. I really can’t recall any pain. You have local anesthetic anywhere you have pain receptors. It is uncomfortable, but I think the benefits are way greater.

I may shake a little right now, because I’m nervous. But I don’t shake at all anymore. I was at the point where I could not write. I could not write at all. I got into the habit of… Anytime anybody asked me to fill out a form or anything, I said, “Email it to me.” I turned it into a PDF and filled it up, and signed it that way. I had my signature in my computer, so that I could sign everything, because I couldn’t write. I was hurting myself brushing my teeth. I couldn’t shave. It was really hard for me. I couldn’t drink a cup of coffee, or hold a Styrofoam or paper plate. I would drop anything light because my hands shook a lot. My legs were also shaking, and my voice was shaking.

Now I don’t have that. It’s been great. It’s been a year. I had my first surgery on October 18, and my second surgery on October 25. I was afraid of the complications, but I didn’t have any. I think they [the doctors] are great. They’re amazing. Thank you.

More patient testimonials

“It is unbelievable. If you had seen my hands before, and to see them now, you wouldn’t believe it. My family can’t even believe it. I went from shaking like a leaf to not shaking at all. I would recommend this to anybody. I can see the difference.” – Essential tremor patient, August 2018

“If I had to rate my satisfaction on a 1 to 4 with 4 being the highest satisfaction, I would want to give this a 10. I wish I could give the care team a hug. I don’t have to worry about tremor anymore while doing activities like eating, shaving, writing, etc.” –Essential tremor patient, October 2017

“This has significantly improved my quality of life. I spend less time “off” and waiting for my medication to kick in. It is easier to be active, and I am more active.” – Parkinson’s disease patient, March 2018

“I feel less stiff, my speech is better, my walking and movements are better, and I would say I am 95% symptom free after DBS. Before DBS, I was taking carbidopa-levodopa and another medication for my PD. After DBS, I was able to discontinue that other medication and now only take the carbidopa-levodopa.” – Parkinson’s disease patient, December 2017

“My freezing and falling have been substantially reduced. I am very satisfied. My treatment couldn’t be better; the team treated me like a king! They are great.”– Parkinson’s disease patient, February 2018

“I have very few off periods now, and they are more predictable. Being “off” now is better than being “on” six months ago! Exercise improves my stiffness now,and it didn’t before DBS. My muscle strength is coming back, and I felt like a regular person again when walking after surgery. I am very impressed with how Dr. Orehek told me which symptoms would be improved by DBS. Overall, I have experienced a tremendous improvement in my quality of life.” – Parkinson’s disease patient, March 2018

“Before DBS, I couldn’t do most things I wanted to do. I couldn’t write anymore, and I had trouble holding things in my hands. Eating was a problem, and I couldn’t put together puzzles or play cards. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my surgery. The tremor in my right hand is 99% improved, and the tremor in my left hand has improved about 95%. I am cutting down on my medications. My quality of life has significantly improved, and the DBS care team I worked with were excellent.” – Essential tremor patient, February 2018

“I am able to walk better now after DBS, and my balance is much better than it was. My muscle stiffness has improved as well. My tremor has almost disappeared. I haven’t needed my electric wheelchair since DBS surgery; I use a walker now.” – Parkinson’s disease patient, January 2018

“I can move around without shaking, and I have a lot more coordination. I have had a 100% reduction in tremor. It’s like a miracle. The surgery was well worth it. Dr. Orehek is a great doctor and really knows what she is doing. I am happy with her.” – Parkinson’s disease patient, February 2018

“When Dr. Orehek first turned the device on, and I walked down the hall, it felt like I was walking on air. I felt elated, like I could move without any restrictions. It was a very good outcome for me.” – Parkinson’s disease patient, September 2018