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Priority Project: Community and Education Center

An anchor institution for the health, wellness
and vitality of Minneapolis

Abbott Northwestern Hospital has been an anchor institution in Minneapolis for 140 years. We have been a partner in the lives of our neighbors, supporting health care, jobs training and housing. Recently, the coronavirus pandemic heightened health disparities, especially for people living near Abbott Northwestern and the Allina Health administrative offices. Then the murder of George Floyd and the resulting civil unrest tore the neighborhood apart. The Minneapolis community has a proud tradition of sharing in one another's burdens and building on collective strengths. Now, in the wake of recent traumatic events and historical disparities, Minneapolis needs Abbott Northwestern and Allina Health's leading partnership more than ever for a brighter tomorrow.

With our culture of clinical excellence, research and innovation, Abbott Northwestern plays a defining role in creating and reinforcing local economic ties. As leaders, we are committed to responding to these extraordinary events in enduring ways to best serve patients, clinicians and neighbors. One solution is to create a Community and Education Center: a place where care providers and community members have opportunities to gather, learn and make connections.

New Community and Education CenterCommunity and Education Center

Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation is raising $12 million to establish a state-of-the-art Community and Education Center funded entirely through philanthropic support. The Center, located next to Abbott Northwestern and the Allina Health administrative offices, will feature a conference space for up to 500 people. All meeting spaces will be able to host and broadcast seminars, presentations and conferences, allowing Abbott Northwestern's renowned physician leaders and researchers to share their expertise and learn from others locally, nationally and globally. In addition, the Center will house a suite of simulation rooms (SIM labs) that replicate an operating room, an intensive care room, a labor and delivery room and a standard patient room. Clinicians from Allina Health's 11 hospitals and more than 90 clinics will come here to train. Health care education programs at local universities, community colleges and technical schools will use the Center as well.

Blueprint Community and Education CenterSimulation learning has become an essential training tool with the increasing complexity and interdisciplinary nature of health care. Hands-on training on high-fidelity manikins--"patients" that can breathe, talk and respond to pain--reduces real-life errors and improves outcomes. When care providers reenact critical events in a supportive learning environment, they become better faster, and improve their ability to think critically and independently. 

Doctors, nurses and other clinicians watch themselves through recorded videos, and then review their actions with peers to continue the learning process. Additionally, the SIM lab will be a resource for the community, creating opportunities for career exploration, training and workforce development with organizational partners. As an example, imagine how a high school student touring the operating room SIM lab might be inspired to pursue a career in medicine.

How your support makes a difference

We are excited to imagine new ways Abbott Northwestern and Allina Health can be a part of the physical, social and economic recovery of the area. The Center is designed to host community organization gatherings to address health-related social needs like employment, housing and education. The 27,000 square foot facility is intended to stimulate connections between businesses, clinicians, entrepreneurs and artists who are the forefront of community revitalization.

The Center will provide opportunities for health care research and patient care innovations, resulting in better and more affordable care. It will feature a new boardroom to replace the undersized and obsolete boardrooms at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and the Allina Health administrative offices.

Become a part of the solution

Through the Community and Education Center, we have the potential to spark innovation, elevate care and inspire action to strengthen the health and well-being of Minneapolis citizens and neighborhoods.

Abbott Northwestern and Allina Health will continue to be a leading community partner. We will listen with compassion, be nimble to the changing times and advocate for community improvements for all of our neighbors. Philanthropic support advances our mission and makes this possible. By donating to the Community and Education Center, you ensure that we can continue to advance health, healing and wellness for generations to come.

To learn more about the Community and Education Center and how you can make a difference, please contact: Richard Meyer, Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation President, 612-863-4126.