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Addiction treatment assessment

Substance abuse assessments are provided on a daily basis. Walk-ins are accommodated, if possible.

  • Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • To schedule an assessment, call 763-236-4500.
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Insurance coverage will be verified to determine the client's financial responsibility.

If insurance covers 80 percent or more, a payment schedule may be arranged with our business office for the remaining balance. You can reach the business office at 763-236-4566.

Addiction services

Mercy Hospital - Unity Campus

Discussion with a counselor

Our expert care team specializes in addiction treatment for alcohol and drugs, including opioids. We provide you with comprehensive coaching and education to teach you skills and proven techniques for recovery.

Our individualized and group programming provides peer support, hope and encouragement in an environment that fosters self-care, meaningful relationships, mindfulness and mental wellness. 

Our program allows you to address both addiction and mental health conditions in one place. We serve community members of the greater Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

What it is

Our hospital-based, inpatient addiction medicine unit offers you up to 40 hours a week of robust programming by experts from diverse disciplines, who use current best practices in treating addiction and mental health.

 We offer you:

  • treatment from an addiction medicine physician, internal medicine physician, psychiatrist, licensed alcohol and drug counselor, registered nurses and support staff
  • skills-based group therapy settings with licensed alcohol and drug counselors to learn proven techniques and skills for recovery
  • groups and education on topics such as mindfulness, mental health, coping skills, relapse prevention, meditation, emotional health, stress reduction, trauma, addiction, medication management, and healing mind and body through nutrition
  • therapy groups focused on mental health and chemical dependency led by a psychologist to help you address issues associated with trauma and other mental health concerns
  • individualized therapy with mental health professionals as needed
  • pet, recreation, occupational and music therapy, and yoga
  • one-on-one spirituality sessions, along with groups led by chaplains
  • programming by outside recovery speakers who share their experience, strength and hope.
  • monitored detoxification to help patients deal with the physical effects of withdrawal and sedative hypnotics
  • strong service coordination and case management services
  • coordinated care with other medical, mental health and addition specialists based on your individual needs 

Expected outcomes 

  • recovery and relapse prevention skills
  • better understanding of addiction and dependency
  • enhanced understanding of mental health and trauma experiences related to your addiction history
  • improved resilience to manage day-to-day life experiences
  • continued recovery

Good for treating

  • individuals whom require 24-hour nursing care and medical management for seizure and withdrawal symptoms
  • issues with addiction that affects day-to-day life and/or relationships
  • individuals with both a primary diagnosis of addiction and secondary diagnosed mental health condition

What to expect

  • an inpatient stay in the program for 10-28 days, with an average stay of 14 days
  • mostly double capacity rooms, shared with one other patient
  • some single rooms 

Good to know

  • Our program space is locked for patient safety.
  • We are equipped to provide 72-hour medical monitoring for patients who need it.
  • We accept all major insurance.  

Patient feedback

"Having been to multiple treatments, I found Unity to be unique. The combination of mental health and addiction treatment taught me information and prepared me to begin a new path. The program is diverse."
– Christine, Allina Health Addition Services patient

Class schedule

View our daily class schedule for 2017-18.

Dual licensure for mental illness and chemical dependency

The 24-bed, inpatient addiction unit (Unit 2E) at Mercy Hospital – Unity Campus received dual licensure for Mental Illness and Chemical Dependency (MI/CD) in March 2017 from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

This means that patients who come to the unit with a primary diagnosis of addiction and a secondary diagnosis of a mental health condition can be treated for both disorders at the same time, and don't need to go to multiple places to treat the related conditions.

"This model of integrated services is the evidence-based, best practice model which increases the rate of success for those suffering from addiction and mental health conditions," said Robin Ringer, an addiction services manager for Allina Health.

Unit 2E now offers:

  • a highly trained and skilled hospital unit for patients needing services to help them with withdrawal when they have a coexisting medical need
  • chemical dependency rehabilitation
  • longer-term care to treat both mental health and addiction conditions following withdrawal