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Support throughout pregnancy and early parenthood

  • Classes and support

    Getting prepared for your childbirth experience

    Our childbirth and parenting preparation classes, podcasts, videos and print resources are here to help you with pregnancy care, breastfeeding, managing pain, labor and delivery, newborn and postpartum care. Weekday evening and weekend classes are available. Classes are taught by Allina Health Parent Educators.

    Featured classes

    Looking to connect with other moms? Check out these support groups!

    Circle of Moms

    All women who are pregnant or postpartum are welcome. The group offers a safe and welcoming space to talk about pregnancy; postpartum care; breastfeeding, stressors; change in identity/role and the importance of sleep and self-care.

    CALM Moms

    Having a baby that is in the hospital is overwhelming, therefore moms in the NICU/ICC/SCN/CVCC are invited to this skills-based group. 

    Baby Café

    Baby Café is family-friendly, drop-in breastfeeding support group that offers tips to help you reach your breastfeeding goals. You can visit with an international board-certified lactation consultant and other mothers. Baby Café has four locations and is free to participants. 

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    Ease pregnancy discomfort with massage and acupuncture

    Being pregnant is an amazing experience, but it is also very taxing on a woman's body.

    Learn what the primary benefits are of massage and acupuncture to see if they are right for you.

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