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Follow-up appointments

  • Your transplant coordinator will give you instructions for your follow-up appointments. In general, your appointments are as follows.

    Time after transplant

    Number of visits

    returning home to six weeks two to three times a week
    six to 12 weeks one to two times a week
    three to six months one time a week to one time every two weeks
    six to 12 months one time a month
    one to two years one time a month
    more than two years every three months


    Your nephrologist will adjust your follow-up schedule depending on your health and recovery.

    All follow-up visits and lab checks are important.

    Please keep any appointment, no matter how you feel. If your body is rejecting the kidney, the first signs may show up in the lab results. By the time you "feel sick," the rejection may have caused the kidney to fail.