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Emergency Department & Urgent care

  • WestHealth-ER-Urgent-care

    The combined Emergency Department and Urgent Care at WestHealth is open 24 hours a day.

    • The emergency department is staffed by Abbott Northwestern Hospital Emergency Physicians.
    • The urgent care is staffed by urgent care physicians and physician assistants.
    • Pediatric emergency physicians and nurse practitioners from Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota are also on staff seven evenings a week.

    We do not perform sports physicals, return to work or fitness for duty assessments. Please contact your primary care provider if you require one of these services.

    Patients are not able to select whether they are seen as an urgent care patient or an emergency department patient. All patients receive a screening evaluation to determine the appropriate level of care.

    Emergency department

    Symptoms treated but are not limited to:

    • abdominal pain
    • any conditions requiring IV medications and IV fluids
    • any conditions requiring a CT scan, MRI or ultrasound
    • chest pain
    • confusion or inability to speak
    • deep or complicated cuts
    • dizziness
    • head injury
    • high blood pressure
    • loss of consciousness
    • major bone breaks
    • major burns
    • mental health concerns
    • nosebleeds that won’t stop
    • palpitations or fast heart beat
    • poisoning
    • pregnancy-related complaints
    • severe headache
    • shortness of breath
    • speech problems or slurred speech
    • sudden or severe pain

    Urgent care

    Symptoms treated but are not limited to:

    • back pain
    • bladder infections
    • bug bites and stings
    • coughs and colds
    • dental pain
    • earaches
    • frostbite
    • minor cuts and bruises
    • minor eye irritations
    • minor injuries
    • minor sprains or breaks
    • muscle aches and pains
    • poison ivy
    • pregnancy testing
    • sinus infection
    • sore throat
    • sunburn
    • tetanus booster

    X-rays and some lab tests can be done in urgent care. Most health plans offer payment coverage for urgent care visits. Please check with your health plan’s customer service department to determine your level of coverage.

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