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Neighborhood Health Connection

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    The 2016 Neighborhood Health Connection Grant application closed on Monday, Feb. 1. See the list of 2016 Neighborhood Health Connection activities.

    Neighborhood Health Connection Grants support communities in building social connections, among the same group of people, through healthy eating and physical activity. We know that physical activity and healthy foods are good for us. Plus, research shows that we are more likely to stick with healthy activities if we do them with other people we feel connected to. Social connections are the relationships we have with others, either individually or through groups. People with positive social connections are healthier and: 

    • live longer
    • are less likely to be depressed
    • get better faster after an illness
    • help make our community stronger

    Neighborhood Health Connection Grants are competitive and support organizations that collaborate with members of their communities in the places where they live, learn, work and play. Any community nonprofit or local government can apply.

    Examples of an acceptable activity include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • A walking club that incorporates a buddy system for residents of an assisted living home
    • A community garden where community members grow their own food and share a weekly meal
    • A book club where participants cook healthy foods inspired by the books they're reading

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