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How to schedule a virtual visit on desktop

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How to join a virtual visit

Frequently asked questions

You must be physically located in Minnesota or Wisconsin to complete a virtual visit.

Virtual visits can be used for children from birth up to 12 years old. 

  • It must be scheduled using proxy accounts.
  • Parent/guardian(s) who already have an Allina Health account can request proxy access for a child electronically.
  • Parent/guardian(s) who do not have an Allina Health account, will need to complete the child proxy access form to get an account for themselves and access to the child’s record.
  • The child with the health concern, must be present at the time of the virtual visit.
Virtual visits are also an option for teenagers. Teens ages 13–17 can do virtual visits if they have an Allina Health account. Create an account online or call the account support line at 1-866-301-6698.

A virtual visit usually costs the same as an office visit, but depends on your insurance plan. Virtual visits are not typically reimbursable with Medicare, but for a temporary period they will be reimbursed by Medicare to support patients and providers during the coronavirus outbreak.

If your provider determines that your health concern can’t be addressed during your virtual visit and requires an in-person visit, you won’t be charged for the virtual visit. If you complete a virtual visit and your symptoms later require you to go to a clinic for the same condition within seven days, you won’t be charged for the prior virtual visit.

Your care team will review your appointment needs in advance and will contact you if you should be seen in person. Also, during your virtual visit, if you provider determines that you need an in-person visit to complete the assessment, you will not be charged for the virtual visit.

If you need to come to the clinic on another day for lab work, immunizations or imaging tests, you will be charged for those services, but you would not be charged for an additional virtual visit.

Virtual visits are available during standard clinics hours with your provider. If you need care outside of clinic hours, an Everyday Online consult is available 24/7 with no appointment required. Complete an online questionnaire, and we’ll send a diagnosis and treatment plan within an hour. Certain medical conditions are excluded from Everyday Online consults, and you must be 65 years or less. 
We can help you with any unique needs for your virtual visit experience, including using an interpreter. Please call 1-888-4ALLINA (1-888-425-5462) for assistance prior to your visit. 
Yes. Our virtual visits are done using a secure video connection within the Allina Health account, so you can feel confident that your privacy will be protected. 
Virtual visit appointments do not require you show areas of your body that are normally covered. If you have concerns or questions, send your care team a message within the Allina Health account, or call your clinic.
If your visit requires any preparation, your care team will call you in advance to let you know. 

For technical support, call 1-612-262-3087.