Stomach and esophageal cancer support

Cancer support groups

It helps to know you're not alone. We encourage you and your family to gain support not only from our cancer experts, but also from others going through similar experiences.

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Allina Health cancer support

Hospital support services: Nutrition therapy

Eating problems are common to people with cancer. Cancer of the stomach or esophagus can pose extra challenges. Our dietitians help make sure you get the nutrition you need.

Cancer resource centers

Centers are open to anyone who needs to experience support while learning about colon and rectal cancer.

Programs to help you stop smoking

Even after a cancer diagnosis, quitting smoking will improve your health.

Genetic counseling

Worried about inheriting cancer or passing it on? Ask your doctor if a referral for genetic counseling is appropriate for you.

Other resources on the Web

These organizations are good resources for information about stomach and esophageal cancer:

CaringBridge provides free, secure, personalized Web pages that notify family and friends of news about loved ones.

Diets for stomach cancer

Studies show a link between stomach cancer and diet. These pages of our health encyclopedia may help you make informed decisions about your diet and nutrition needs.

Eat right for your type

Eating during cancer treatment

Coping with cancer

Relaxation and meditation

Management of cancer pain

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