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Stories that inspire

kevin 128

Area business leader experiences sudden cardiac arrest

“Ambulance arriving, Trauma 1, SCA Code Blue” is how I imagined my arrival at the Peter J. King Emergency Care Center. Much of what happened for and to me during my stay at United Hospital has been shared with me by family and friends. You will understand why after I tell you my story.

gordy1 128

“My TAVR procedure kept me volunteering”

During the summer of 2016, Gordon Bauer’s aortic heart valve became severely narrowed. His fatigue and shortness of breath made volunteering difficult. After discussing his treatment options with his physicians, Bauer elected to have the minimally invasive TAVR procedure. Two days after the procedure, he was recovering at home.

jack1 128

“My TAVR procedure kept me playing ball”

Jack played softball all his life. When Jack’s aortic heart valve narrowed (severely), his doctor advised him to limit or quit playing softball. Jack wasn’t ready to give up his softball career. Thanks to TAVR and the highly skilled surgeons at United Hospital, he was able to keep playing.