Honoring Program

United Hospital Foundation’s Honoring Program offers a distinctive and meaningful way to remember, honor, pay tribute to or recognize those important people in your life. In giving a remembrance, you give a gift of lasting memory.

The following are memorial and tribute gifts received June 21, 2016 through January 10, 2017:

Sid Applebaum Rick Brody and Maggie Flynn
  Marjorie Edwards and Brooks & Terri Edwards
  Mickey Goff and Lisa Boysen
  Norma L. Larson
  John Nasseff and Helene Houle
  David and Dede Smith
Geri H. Blumenfeld David and Dede Smith
Richard W. Brust Joan S. Brust
Dr. F. "Ross" Byrd Cindy Early
  Norma L. Larson
  Jo Marcotte
  John Nasseff and Helene Houle
  Paul and Carolyn Verret
Jean R. Campbell Jean R. Ljungkull
Earl Christiansen Megan Oldenburg
Ruth DeRosier Toni DeRosier
Marjorie Edwards Anonymous
  Holly and Tom Arnfelt & Family
  Sondra and George Baker
  Jerry and Jill Baldwin
  Tammy and Carl Birnberg
  Fernando and Mary Jo Cosio
  Haddie Derechin and Dr. Neil Derechin
  Susie and Dr. Bob Diamond
  Tom and Randy Edelstein
  Shirley Edmonson
  Rhoda and Gene Engelson
  Peter Farstad
  Hart, Celia, Shirley, and Frank Garner
  Burt and Lucille Garr
  Dr. Raymond J. Gibbons
  Helaine and Bob Golden
  Lois Goodman & Family
  Barry Kabalkin and Shelley Gunner
  Doris Hodroff
  Emmy Lou Jacobson
  Jane Karayusuf and Max Swanson
  Chuck and Mary Killian
  Gracia Kuller
  Cheryl Kurss
  Nancy and Steve Lane & Family
  Dr. Arny Leonard
  Joan and Gregg Levy
  Kimberly Lindquist
  Shannon Mackey-Bojack
  Jo Marcotte
  Catherine Mendrzycki
  Mildred Miller
  Dr. Fletcher and Deborah Miller
  Arde Nicoloff
  Ronald and Diane Petersen
  Kevin Praska
  Susan Rappaport and David Suss
  Cindy Russell, The Readng Center
  Jeff, Wendy, Zach, and Ellie Ringer
  Dr. Filmore and Judith Rodich
  Carol and David Rosenblatt
  Dr. Fernando and Linda Roth
  Dr. Leonard Schloff
  Gregory T. Schwab
  Robin Schaffert and Dean Brenner
  Fern Silverman & Family
  Merle Small
  David and Dede Smith
  Steven Stein
  Janet and Ed Swadden
  Victor H. Tschida and Kathleen Scanlan Tschida
  Dr. Zeev and Dalia Vlodaver
  Curtis Wallrath and Sarah Carlson-Wallrath
  Bruce and Patricia Wolfson
  Stan and Corinne Wolfson
Marjorie Gray Fox Terri & Brooks Edwards and Marjorie Edwards
Bruce A. Fredricksen Jeffrey A. Fredricksen
Mickey Goff Kathy R. Baker
  Marcia Bernick
  Lisa M. Boysen
  Kris Coleman
  Nancy Dalton
  Cindy Early
  Jane K. Felder-Walker
  Liz Felton
  Stephanie Helgeson
  Norma L. Larson
  Jo Marcotte
  James Marino and Roberta L. Keller
  Debra McGill
Donna Gutzwiller Bob and Stacy Schrofer
Baby John Edward Hedican Beverly and John Hedican
Reynaldo "Rey" Heras Cora and Florencio Heras
William R. Jakoblich Bravelets LLC
F. Donald Kapps, MD Lauren L Anthony, MD
  Mark A Arnesen, MD
  Kenneth P Batts, MD
  Janet Beneke
  Lawrence J Burgart, MD
  Margaret P Cochrane, MD
  Gary T Copland, MD
  Jason A Daniels, MD
  Milton W Datta, MD
  H Parry Dilworth, MD
  Joseph J Goswitz, MD
  Erin V Grimm, MD
  Dr. James and Kathryn Haight
  Brenda Katz, MD
  Tamera J Lillemoe, MD
  Lisa L Lyons, MD
  Jena C Martin, MD
  Ayman L Matta, MD
  Stanley R McCormick, MD
  William C McDonald, MD
  Margaret Menezes-Ruocco, MD
  Dana L Nelson, MD
  John J Reinartz, MD
  Linda H Riley, MD
  Dr. Ranier and Carol Rocheleau
  Lori J Ryan, MD
  Pamela A Sakkinen, MD
  Schuyler O Sanderson, MD
  Jack B Shelton, MD
  Michael W Stanley, MD
  Kevin T Stieglbauer, MD
  John G Strickler, MD
  Barbara Susnik, MD
  Anil K Tadavarthy, MD
  Michael J Trump, MD
  Susan E Wheaton, MD
Dorothy J. Lamb David and Dede Smith
Flora MacCafferty Dennis and Roberta Keller
Dan Mitchell Sharilyn Nelson
Gerald "Jerry" Nelson Bob and June Mitchell
  Sharilyn Nelson
  Phyllis Ritchie
Isaiah James Onweller Julia Norton-Delcompare
  Amy and Scott Onweller
Carol D. Pearson Mary Pearson
Mohammadreza R. Shafiei Abdolreza Shafiei
Beverly E. Simon David and Dede Smith
Collen Strong Joe and Sue Strong
Sandra "Sam" Tofanelli David E. Feinberg
  Susan and Gerry Hughes
Kevin Wolfe David and Dede Smith
Landry F. Ferguson Jill E. Ferguson
  Cody Ferguson
Jim Kowalski Mary Anne Kowalski
Joan McCluskey Chuck and Barb Katz
Gerald R. Mulcahy Dr. Paul and Patricia Mulcahy
Madeline Peterson Dennis and Kathy Peterson
Maureen Smith Gary and Pam Smith
  Rissy Smith
Aiden James Whalen Donna Whalen
  Jessica and Shane Whalen
Sharon K. Willbrandt Jim and Leslie Studenski
Olivia Wittman David Lundquist
Special Birthday  
Nancy Pederson David E. Feinberg
Dr. Charles  Pitzele Janie and Terry Becker
Jane and Bob Reidell Roberta and Dennis Keller
Mark Pitzele Janie and Terry Becker
Richard Guiton, MD Lisa A. Gray
Russell King Joan Thompson, Minnesota Wire
Nancy Moeller Lou and Ida Lee Hurvitz
John Nasseff John and Elsa Morrow
Luke Wittman Joan Wittman
United Hospital  
Dr. Victor Corbett Kathleen M. Gilbert
  Louis and Ida Lee Hurvitz
  Diana Lewis
Vicky Michaels, RN Anonymous
Dr. Mark Peterson Kathleen M. Gilbert
Dr. Michael Peterson Bruce L. and Signe A. Bobbitt
United Heart & Vascular Clinic Kathleen M. Gilbert
United Heart & Vascular Clinic Physicians Louis and Ida Lee Hurvitz
United Heart & Vascular Clinic Staff Bruce L. and Signe A. Bobbitt
Dr. Raymond D. Underwood Judy Bahnsen
Unit 3300 Staff Bruce L. and Signe A. Bobbitt
Pierce J. Vatterott, MD John B. Blumer
  Terri and Brooks Edwards
  Martha L. Greten
  Norma L. Larson
  David L. Norrgard
  Valmont Springs Development Inc.