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Funds raised by the Foundation are integral to the success of our patient care.

Mental Health & Addiction Campaign

On average, people with serious mental illnesses die 20 years earlier than their peers.  Good mental health is vital for building and sustaining strong communities.  Now more than ever, we need healing spaces to help people feel safe, as well as targeted, innovative programs to meet people where they are at with the care they so desperately need.  As the mental health provider for the East Metro, by transforming United Hospital’s healing spaces, we will serve more people, more effectively and efficiently.  

Together, we will save lives, improve quality of life, and build and enhance an essential resource in our community.   

To learn more about how the campaign will address and respond to the complex and growing mental health needs of our communities click here

Completed campaigns

The below campaigns have become a reality because of donors like you.

Surgical Oncology Center of Excellence

United Hospital was an early adopter and leader of robotic technology. While there are already da Vinci robots at United Hospital, two additional robots would allow the center to offer an array of advanced treatment options to improve clinical outcomes and promote a high-quality patient experience. Current and anticipated volumes, as well as new capabilities of the robots to perform other surgeries, also increase the need for more robotics.

Total Joint Replacement Center

United Hospital strives to be the preferred destination for anyone who wants to live a full, active life, but has been hindered by joint pain. The Center will provide expanded, comprehensive services. Patients will be treated with innovative tools and patient rooms designed to aid in recovery.

Hybrid Surgical Suite Campaign

Hybrid OR - large image

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Health care changes so fast, making it important to keep up with all the treatments needed for heart health. Because of you, the Nasseff Heart Center continues to offer the best in heart care through a new, state-of-the-art hybrid surgical suite. The suite is a great addition to advancing our care for cardiovascular conditions.

The hybrid surgical suite blends the capabilities of a cardiovascular catheterization laboratory, where minimally invasive heart procedures are performed, with a traditional surgical suite where open-heart surgeries are performed. The suite, which is large enough for a dozen clinicians to work seamlessly, also features robotic three-dimensional imaging.

United Heart & Vascular Clinic

United Hospital is committed to being a center of vascular solutions and will be comprised of seven program components: cerebral vascular, neuro-interventional, aortic aneurism, peripheral arterial disease and limb preservation, vein clinic, wound clinic and dialysis access.

United Medical Specialties Clinics Expansion Project

United Medical Specialties (UMS) is a practice at United Hospital, widely recognized for clinical excellence and dedication to patient-centered care. UMS was expanded and relocated to accomplish the following goals:

  • double the number of internal medicine specialists
  • create a preferred medical destination for executive physicals
  • improve quality of life and stem the growing tide of chronic disease costs
  • and provide an accessible portal into United Hospital’s specialty services. 

The Mother Baby Center at United and Children's - St. Paul

The Mother Baby Center at United and Children's - St. Paul offers a renovated physical environment that matches the excellent medical care for which United is renowned. This expansion and transformation responded to desires of expectant mothers for the birth experience they want and improved aesthetics, safety and privacy with increased efficiency for staff. 

United Hospital Foundation funds

United Hospital Foundation funds were established to help donors give to specific programs and facilities.

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