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Getting treatment close to home makes life so much easier. Our experienced certified chemotherapy registered nurses closely monitor and care for patients during treatment. In addition, our staff can provide care for patients requiring infusion therapy, such as low iron and rheumatoid arthritis.

Chemotherapy and infusion therapy services are also available to patients who are receiving care from a physician not affiliated with Virginia Piper Cancer Institute® at River Falls Area Hospital or River Falls Medical Clinic.

We try to make treatment more comfortable for patients receiving chemotherapy by providing treatment in private or semi-private rooms that include comfortable massage / heated recliners, private bathrooms, flat screen TV, wireless internet access and lunch if desired.

Side effects

If you experience side effects from your chemotherapy treatment, our care team will work with you to manage the symptoms. Once side effects have been identified, a plan of care will be determined for treating the side effects.

Treatment may incorporate medications and/or referrals to other services available such as nutrition consultation, lymphedema management and occupational or physical therapy.