The Surgery Center offers a wide range of services on a 24-hour basis and specializes in both inpatient and same-day surgical procedures. A combination of advanced technology and individualized care create a positive experience for patients and families.

Examples of our procedures

thumb dr jabin krassin
Thanks to phacoemulsification technology, cataract surgery is among the safest and most effective surgeries in the world. Dr. Jabin Krassin, a board certified ophthalmologist with Allina Health clinics performs hundreds of cataract surgeries at the Surgery Center each year.
thumb mini c arm technology
The mini C-arm brings sophisticated technology to the operating room at the Surgery Center. Extremities including hands, wrists, feet and ankles may be imaged from various angles. Podiatrist Dr. Alex Scholl, and Hand Specialist Dr. LT Donovan with Allina Health clinics, routinely use the mini C-arm in surgical procedures. General, Orthopedic and Urology surgeons use the larger C-arm in a variety of cases.
Dr. Jerome Perra from Summit Orthopedics in Hastings perform knee and shoulder arthroscopy and total hip and knee replacements.
thumb laparoscopic surgical equipment
Laparoscopic surgical equipment allows surgeons John Carlson, MD, and Kevin Roach, MD, of Allina Health clinics, to conduct a less invasive procedure resulting in faster recovery time. Appendectomies, gall bladders, gastric reflux, inguinal hernia repairs and selected bowel resections can be performed laparoscopically.
thumb kidney and bladder stone laser equipment
Kidney and bladder stones can be removed using specialized laser equipment under the direction of Dr. Robert Farber, Urologist with Allina Health clinics. Urethrascopic surgeries for prostate cancer, bladder tumors and stone removals are performed locally. Dr. Farber also performs radical prostatectomy and bladder suspension surgeries at the Surgery Center.

Dr. Angela Faulkner and Dr. Jennifer Slostad perform gynecological surgeries including laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomies, anterior and posterior repair, laparoscopic endometrial cauterization, laparoscopic ovarian cystectomies, bladder suspensions and hydrothermal oblations are performed at the Surgery Center.

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The Surgery Center is located at Regina Hospital in Hastings. Follow the signs to the main entrance for convenient parking and access.