Outpatient services

Regina Hospital specializes in endoscopy procedures for gastrointestinal complications and disorders, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopies.

Registered patients will be sent a reminder several months before they are due for routine screenings. 


  • Flexible sigmoidoscopies
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopies
  • Upper endoscopies (EGD’s) for throat and stomach disorders that may be related to heartburn, acid reflux, stomach pain, ulcers or hiatal hernias
  • EGDs are also performed for various conditions related to difficulty swallowing food, upper GI bleeding, and anemia 

Endoscopic procedures

Endoscopic procedures and infusion therapy performs additional services including administering IV therapies, transfusions of blood products, therapeutic phlebotomies, accessing central lines for lab draws, catheter maintenance and flushes.

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The Surgery Center is located at Regina Hospital in Hastings. Follow the signs to the main entrance for convenient parking and access.