Frequently asked questions

The GRACE Unit is a secured inpatient hospital setting focused on treating older adults with acute psychiatric and behavioral health challenges. The care environment is exclusive to geriatric patients (age 65+), offering age-appropriate treatment, programming and support.

The average length of stay is seven days.

The GRACE Unit is set up similar to a senior care center. The patients are together most of the day for group therapy, psychiatric treatments and observation. They are rarely in their hospital room, except for sleeping or resting. Please note that patient rooms do not have phones or televisions. These devices are considered a treatment distraction within a psychiatric unit. If desired, a patient can use a phone from the nurses' station to communicate with loved ones.
The GRACE Unit does not take patients off their medications and start over. This is a common misunderstanding about geriatric behavioral units. Patients are closely monitored as medications are adjusted or added.
We understand the stressful situations created when residents are struggling with psychiatric challenges. Our goal is to help each patient return to their highest level of functioning and maintain the highest quality of life. The resident should have the opportunity to be successful in the environment they are familiar with after discharge from the GRACE Unit to provide appropriate care.
No, the GRACE Unit does not provide this type of treatment.
Patients are in the GRACE Unit to receive focused psychiatric care. Visitors must abide by the visiting schedule to support treatment and programming. Immediate family may visit with patients during the visiting hours of 3:30-5 p.m.
Patient updates are provided by the unit social worker several times per week. We communicate closely with family and facility caregivers throughout the entire hospital stay. A designated family member will be contacted with treatment updates as available. Strong family involvement is important in understanding the patient's history and planning for a successful discharge.
It is important for your parent/resident to be medically stable and medically cleared by the primary physician. The GRACE Unit is a secured unit focused on treating seniors with acute psychiatric and behavioral health issues. It is important that a secured psychiatric unit is appropriate for the patient and that there is no underlying medical condition creating the patient's issues (i.e., urinary tract infection).
There are treatment centers available for chemical abuse situations. The GRACE Unit is focused on geriatric behavioral health and is not appropriate for patients currently experiencing substance abuse or chemical withdrawal.
The GRACE Unit accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and most supplemental insurance programs. Many of the same insurance types are accepted for any standard hospital stay. Please check with your insurance regarding coverage.