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GRACE Unit — Senior behavioral health

Geriatric behavioral health and wellness

The GRACE Unit provides inpatient services in a secure unit dedicated to treating older adults with acute psychiatric and behavioral health issues. This 14-bed unit is located within Regina Hospital and serves patients throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Sometimes individuals are challenged with overwhelming situations and need assistance in managing life changes. We offer a warm and safe environment for those who may be struggling in their current setting.

There are many psychiatric illnesses that may impact your life as a senior, such as depression, bipolar disorder, and complications from Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. At GRACE, we recognize the different needs of the older population and the issues related to aging. Treatment and programming is specific to the geriatric population.

Mind, body and spirit

The GRACE program is committed to optimizing the quality of life for older adults. The inpatient unit offers short-term care dedicated to stabilizing senior patients and re-integrating them back into the community and with family. Our goal is to enhance self-esteem and dignity, identify and emphasize abilities rather than disabilities, and promote optimal independence.

With this in mind, the GRACE program strives to attain the highest possible quality of life and well-being. Consistent with our holistic treatment philosophy, emphasis is placed on the healing of mind, body and spirit.

Care team

The GRACE staff recognizes the specialized needs of older adults whose mental health issues are often complicated by co-existing medical, social and economic factors. The first thing our team will do is a thorough evaluation to help determine what's causing the behavioral and mental changes. Our highly skilled staff provides focused and compassionate care.

This interdisciplinary team includes:

  • Geriatric Psychiatric Director
  • Medical Director
  • 24-hour Psychiatric Nursing Staff
  • Social Services
  • Activity Therapists

Treatment and Support

The GRACE Unit treatment team is focused on providing the best care possible to every patient entrusted to our care. This patient-specific treatment process is continually reviewed and adjusted, based on several psychiatric evaluations, medical assessments when appropriate, care planning, and continual observation and interaction with the psychiatric nursing staff.

Other components of the program include:

  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Group activities
  • Pastoral care
  • Family involvement

This inpatient program is committed to treating the entire patient ... in preparation for a successful discharge.

Upon discharge, the GRACE Unit will provide recommendations as to the appropriate level of supervised living care. It is our goal to have the patient return to the same living environment where they previously resided, providing it is appropriate. Another important element of the program is the aftercare planning process. The GRACE Unit strongly encourages family, caregivers and/or referral sources involvement. There is great value placed on support from family, friends and the community. These relationships are vital and help determine the level of independence the older adult will be able to maintain upon discharge.