Birth Center

Restricted visiting guidelines

One healthy support person is allowed during the hospital stay. This support person can be a partner, family member, friend or doula. Learn more about guidelines for your labor and delivery support person.

Allina Health Birth Center tours have been cancelled until further notice. Birth Center RNs are available to answer your questions. Please call 763-684-7025 to schedule your conversation.

Coronavirus: What expecting and new parents should know

Coronavirus has caused stress and worry for expecting and new parents. Get answers for many of the questions you may have about coronavirus during pregnancy and after childbirth, and learn about additional resources to help you during this time.

Neonatal Virtual Care Services now available at Regina Hospital

Learn about this new telemedicine capability at Regina Hospital's Birth Center, made possible through a partnership with Children's Minnesota .

At Children's Minnesota, we're committed to providing the highest quality of care for all newborns, whether they're delivered with us or at their community hospital. That's why we're proud to offer Children's Neonatal Virtual Care Services.

Our virtual care technology allows for 24/7 audio and visual access to Children's neonatal care specialists. When every minute is crucial to a newborn's future, the ability to see, hear, and communicate with a specialist in real time greatly improves chances for a positive outcome.


Children's Virtual Care. This is Brianna. Hope can I help you?

I'm calling from Regina Hospital. I have a shoulder dystocia in progress. Can I get a virtual care consult, please?

I'm just getting into my consult room to log into my workstation. If you can stay on the phone while I check our connection, that would be great. Can you guys hear me OK?

Yeah, I can hear you just fine.

Excellent. I'm Brianna. I'm the nurse practitioner. This is Dr. Mark Bergeron. And why don't you tell me who's in the room with you.

OK. So I'm Dr. VenOsdel, the pediatrician on call. This is Bobbi, one of our OB nurses.

Baby's coming.


Can you zoom in to the line so we can see what you're doing if you have any questions?

So I'm going to insert a venous catheter. And what's the depth of insertion?


Let's just put it in about five centimeters, and make sure that you get a good draw back of blood.


And your perfusion doesn't look the best on our camera. We'd recommend giving a 40 milliliter bolus of saline at this point. Now might be a good time to pause and check your heart rate.

Doctor, given the length of this resuscitation, we'd also recommend shutting off warming elements on the warmer, given the likelihood we're going to do total body cooling.

OK. So start some passive cooling right now?

One and two and three and breathe.



One and two and three and breathe.

Do you need anything else from us at this point, or would you like us to sign off? I do have the phone. If you have any trouble, you can definitely give us a call.

OK. Yeah, I think we can shut off virtual care for now, and then if we have any other trouble before transport gets here, we'll give you a call back and get your set back up again.

Great. You guys did a really nice job. Baby seems much more stable.

Thanks. Thanks very much for your help. We appreciate it.

Yeah, you're welcome.

Nice job.

We're here anytime.


Virtual care between community hospitals and Children's Minnesota creates a space where knowledge can flow, where doctors and nurses can feel confident, where newborns receive the best care. When we partner together, amazing happens here.


Regina Hospital's Birth Center is designed to make the delivery of your baby a joyful occasion. Located on the main floor at Regina Hospital, and overlooking the Mississippi River bluffs, the department includes spacious rooms with private bathrooms that include oversized bathtubs and showers. All of the rooms are beautifully decorated with soothing colors and hardwood-style floors.

Accents include coordinating wallpaper and window treatments and ceramic tiled bathrooms. Additional room amenities include a refrigerator and hair dryer. A snack bar is conveniently located within the unit, just steps from each patient room.

Birth Center features

All stages of childbirth occur in a private LDRP room (labor, delivery, recovery and post-partum) that is designed to accommodate fathers, family, friends, and whoever is significant in the mother and the new baby's life. The attractive cherry wood cabinets discreetly hide the presence of the technology available. Each room includes accommodations for fathers to stay overnight. Mothers can choose to keep their baby with them in the room during their stay or opt to place the baby in the nursing staff's care in the nursery.

The Birth Center includes an inventory of equipment including fetal monitors, infant warmers and specially designed birthing beds. Enhanced infant security is also an important part of the design. Video cameras and secured entrances are part of the plan to ensure safety.   

Cesarean birth

In a Cesarean Section delivery, double doors are the only separation between the Birth Center and surgery department. After giving birth, and after the mother recovers from surgery, mother and baby return to the Birth Center for care. 

Access to newborn specialists

Our new virtual care partnership with newborn specialists at Children's Minnesota gives you added peace of mind if your baby has any health concerns. Using audio and video technology, Regina Hospital doctors can consult in real time with a newborn specialist at Children's. From there, both care teams can decide on the best care plan for your newborn and determine if he or she should be transferred to another hospital for specialized care.

Tours and classes

Bringing your baby into the World is a joyful occasion. Regina Hospital’s Birth Center is designed with your needs in mind, supported by a staff of specially trained medical professionals dedicated to making your birth experience as pleasant and memorable as possible. 

To help welcome your newborn, we offer free classes covering: 
• Childbirth preparation
• Breastfeeding and lactation basics
• Infant CPR and choking

To register for a class, call 651-404-1200. Read our childbirth preparation classes brochure to learn more. 

The Amma Parenting Center also offers pregnancy, parenting and newborn care classes to help you prepare for childbirth and healthy childhood development. Classes are not taught by Allina Health employees. 

Amma teachers are current in the fields of obstetrics and perinatal education and strive to make classes fun and interactive.

Classes will be held at Amma designated locations throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, not Regina Hospital. You can take a class at any location even if it's not in the city or site that you will have your baby. Online options are also available.

For class descriptions, dates/times, locations, fees and registration, visit