Premium Intraocular Lenses

During cataract surgery, the cataract (cloudy lens) is removed and a clear lens implant is inserted to help with the focusing of the eye. In the past, the lens was restricted to a single focal point lens. Because of this, many patients still needed to rely on eyeglasses after their surgery.

Surgeons at Phillips Eye Institute - a campus of Abbott Northwestern Hospital are now offering premium IOLs, which can reduce a patients dependence on eyeglasses following cataract surgery because they offer multiple focal points. Examples include:

  • presbyopia-correcting IOLs: This type of lens implant allows for both distance vision and near vision at the same time
  • astigmatism-correcting IOLs: This lens corrects the astigmatism of the eye.

Discuss this option with your surgeon to determine whether a premium IOL is a good option for you.

Premium IOLs come with an additional cost that may not be covered by insurance. Most often, patients are billed for the difference in cost of the premium IOL over the standard IOL.

Source: Phillips Eye Institute
Reviewed By: Emmett Carpel, MD
First Published: 05/10/2010
Last Reviewed: 05/10/2010

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