Patient story

Seeing more and smiling more

Not only is Chuck seeing more since his visit to the Low Vision Center at Phillips Eye Institute - a campus of Abbott Northwestern Hospital, he is also smiling more.

After macular degeneration caused permanent vision loss in both eyes, Chuck's ophthalmologist referred him to the Low Vision Center.

A low vision specialist evaluated him. Then he saw an occupational therapist with skills in low vision therapy. She helped Chuck learn about devices that help address vision deficits.

Chuck was able to try several devices at home before deciding what to purchase. Now he uses a reading machine with a 22-inch screen to read books, magazines and the newspaper. He also uses a low vision telescope - a special lens attached to a pair of glasses -- to watch television.

"Every one there was so helpful," said Chuck. "I can function better, I smile more, and it makes life closer to what it was before my vision declined," he said.

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