At Phillips Eye Institute, we offer a wide range of services including LASIK, surgical services, low vision services and more. Browse the A to Z index below to learn about services at Phillips Eye Institute.

Featured services

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Surgical services
The expertise of the care team combined with the latest technology sets patients at ease no matter what type of surgical procedure they will undergo.
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Laser vision correction (LASIK)
This minimally invasive procedures correct several types of vision impairments - including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism - and reduces dependency on glasses or contacts.
prescription assistance pharmacy
Pharmacists who are specially trained in compounded medications to patients in and out of the hospital. The pharmacy offers the full range of medications, online ordering and delivery by mail.
Diagnostic services
The latest equipment combined with a specially trained staff ensures patients will have access to the most advanced techniques and tests.
Emergency/Eye trauma services
Emergency eye treatment can be accessed at Abbott Northwestern Hospital's Emergency Department.
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Low vision services
Services provided enable people living with low vision to make the best of their remaining eyesight. Patients may purchase helpful resources and tools at the Minnesota Low Vision Store, conveniently located on our campus.
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Inpatient services
Specially trained staff provide care and education so patients are better prepared to care for their eye(s) upon discharge.