Diagnostic/laser treatment

Having a diagnostic test or laser treatment

On the day of your visit, please arrive 15 minutes before your test or treatment is scheduled to begin.

  • Come to the registration desk, where a staff member will confirm your registration details.
  • A staff member will then escort you to the diagnostic and treatment services area. Your family and/or friends may wait for you there.

As you get ready to come, keep these details in mind:

  • Food: You can eat or drink as usual on the day of your visit.
  • Medication: Take all of your prescribed medications. However, your physician may instruct you to discontinue your eye drops before your tests.
  • Transportation: For most procedures you will be able to drive yourself, unless instructed otherwise by your ophthalmologist. If you cannot drive or have no means of transportation, your ophthalmologist's office can help arrange transportation to and from the Institute.

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Source: Phillips Eye Institute
Reviewed By: Marge Watry, director of patient care and chief nursing officer, Phillips Eye Institute
First Published: 05/10/2010
Last Reviewed: 06/14/2017

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