Grateful for vision-saving care and service to the community

While Gary Tankenoff has himself benefited from the specialized services of Phillips Eye Institute, his support of the Investing in Sight, Changing Lives campaign goes beyond being grateful for the care he has received.

Tankenoff first noticed that something was wrong with his vision while at a Passover Seder. When it was his turn to read from the prayer book, he could not read the words.

He later saw ophthalmologist David Hardten, MD, who evaluated him using diagnostic technology at Phillips Eye Institute. “He was using technology and instruments that I knew only could be available in a hospital specializing in eye care,” said Tankenoff.

Hardten found that Tankenoff needed a cornea transplant in both eyes. Both surgeries were done at Phillips Eye Institute. “They were both very successful, and I’ll always be grateful to Dr. Hardten and Phillips Eye Institute.”

When Tankenoff and his wife, Marsha, learned about the Investing in Sight, Changing Lives campaign, they viewed it as an opportunity to support a cross-section of the community.

“Knowing that their successful vision screening program that had been in Minneapolis would be able to expand to St. Paul was important to us,” said Tankenoff. “I’m impressed at the way Phillips Eye Institute serves so many people in the community. I’m thankful for what they did for me, but it’s also about what they do for kids.”


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Gary Tankenoff

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