Excellent vision care fuels a desire to pay it forward

Were it not for Phillips Eye Institute, Brenda Quaye might be living a very different kind of life.

One day while driving, it suddenly looked as if her windshield had been scraped by sand or grit. Then Quaye realized it wasn’t her windshield. “I understand the terror of knowing that your vision is in jeopardy,” she said.

Quaye had developed a detached retina and needed immediate care to prevent permanent damage. She received that care at Phillips Eye Institute and has been thankful ever since.

“When you have something as time sensitive as a detached retina, you can’t afford to wait,” she said. Quaye’s gratitude for excellent vision care has fueled her desire to pay it forward – first by becoming a donor, and later by serving on the Phillips Eye Institute Foundation board. “When I heard about the work they are doing with the Early Youth Eyecare Program, I thought it was a great service for kids as well as for the community,” said Quaye. “I’ve benefited from the services at Phillips Eye Institute, and I want to make sure that others who may need specialty eye care have the same opportunity.”


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Brenda Quaye

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