Frequently asked questions

What types of services are offered at Phillips Eye Institute - a campus of Abbott Northwestern Hospital?

Phillips Eye Institute - a campus of Abbott Northwestern Hospital has the equipment, technology, physicians and staff to address all types of eye health issues including those that require surgery, maintaining low vision, or diagnosing an issue. Whether it is a routine procedure or monitoring a complex disorder, Phillips Eye Institute is here to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time. Learn more about our services.

My eye doctor said that nothing can be done to
improve my vision. Can you help?

Phillips Eye Institute's Low Vision Services can help most people who are not totally blind. There are many diseases and disorders that cause irreversible vision loss but not total blindness. We can help these people make the most of their remaining vision. Specially trained staff work to teach patients how to use the latest equipment and computer technology to enhance their vision. Call 612-775-8866 for more information.

Is refractive surgery or LASIK surgery available at the Institute?

Yes, physicians affiliated with Phillips Eye Institute have done thousands of laser vision correction procedures, including LASIK, LASEK, PRK and others. We offer the latest technology on the market. Call 612-775-8842 or 1-888-301-0021 for more information or a physician recommendation. Learn more.

What types of insurance does Phillips Eye Institute accept?

Phillips Eye Institute accepts most types of insurance. Check with your insurance provider to determine for certain whether a procedure is covered. Elective procedures such as laser vision correction (LASIK) and cosmetic are usually not covered by insurance.