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Poster presentations

International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health, Portland, Oregon, 2012

The impact of integrative medicine on inpatient patient satisfaction at Abbott Northwestern Hospital
Jeffery Dusek, Lori Knutson 

Relaxation response intervention induces respiration and heart rate variability changes in hypertensives
Tim Mcconville, Kate Dusek, Jeffery Dusek

Goals: Bundled services to reduce the length of hospital stay in women undergoing gynecology oncology surgery
John Mrachek, Jeffery Dusek, Desiree Trebesch, Sue Sendelbach, Jason Haupt

Group acupuncture in an inpatient joint replacement center provides innovative and effective intervention for post-operative pain relief
Cynthia Miller, Pam Weiss-Farnan, Barb Hopperstad, Jeffery Dusek

Effects of integrative medicine on pain and anxiety for inpatient orthopedic patients
Neha Ghildayal, Pamela Jo Johnson, Amber Fyfe-Johnson, Jeffery Dusek

Vitamin D status of female healthcare employees of childbearing age
Greg Plotnikoff, Kristen Mullin, Laura Mahlke, Steven Calvin, Michael Finch, Jeffery Dusek

Vitamin D sufficiency is necessary for integrative treatment-associated improvements in chronic pain status
Greg Plotnikoff, Jeffery Dusek

Acupuncture treatment for hospitalized patients on anticoagulant therapy - A safety study
Cynthia Miller, Barb Hopperstad, Pamela Jo Johnson, Jeffery Dusek

Effects of inpatient integrative medicine on pain and anxiety in an acute cardiovascular population 
Amber Fyfe-Johnson, Pamela Jo Johnson, Neha Ghildayal, Jeffery Dusek

Resilience training for depressed healthcare workers: Results from 2 and 12 month followup
Jeffery Dusek, Henry Emmons, Carolyn Denton, Susan Masemer 

North American Research Conference on Complementary and Integrative Medicine Minneapolis, MN,  2009 

Evaluation of an 8-week resilience training program in moderate to severely depressed patients
Jeffery Dusek, Carolyn Denton, Henry Emmons, Lori Knutson, Sue Masemer, Greg Plotnikoff