Kellie Palladino

After enduring debilitating pain, Kellie Palladino finds hope, healing and the ability to dance at her wedding through holistic care.

Kellie Palladino at wedding

Photo credit: LaCoursiere & Co.

Classically trained actor and dancer Kellie Palladino was suffering from an injury to her back that occurred while she worked as a pastry chef. Although evidence of her injury did not show up on an MRI, she was unable to fulfill her duties at work and filed for workman's compensation. She then had to spend a lot of time proving she was injured in order to receive medical treatment.

Two and-a-half years later, her insurer gave her the freedom to try integrative medicine. She made an appointment with Matt Abeln, MD, at Allina Health Highland Park Clinic. He was the first health care provider to listen and care about her as an individual, not just another "case," she said. He prescribed acupuncture for her chronic pain, and contacted Penny George Institute for Health and Healing Acupuncturist Michael Egan, LAc, MaOM, directly to get her scheduled.

The progress she made was life changing. Through acupuncture and "Egan's immense talent," she improved physically, mentally and emotionally, she said. "It seemed like a small change at first, but it was powerful."

She began moving better, sleeping more, and had more energy to get through the day. Most importantly, Palladino had hope for the first time in years.

A few months into her acupuncture sessions, Egan recommended a Penny George Institute program called Transforming Pain Shared Medical Visit, facilitated by Nancy Van Sloun, MD and Egan. "I can't stress enough how much the pain program and acupuncture treatments have transformed my life," said Palladino.

With the knowledge and tools she's learned at the Penny George Institute, Palladino changed her lifestyle and perspective. As a dancer, she responded particularly well to the Tai Chi and Qi Gong, and feels that they are an important aspect of her healing. Palladino went from hardly moving, to dancing with her husband on her wedding day in less than a year, as well working her way towards becoming a certified Tai Chi instructor.

"I have been so inspired by my experience that I am exploring how to become an advocate for holistic therapies," said Palladino. "In our current crisis of opioid addiction, we need more alternative therapy programs available. There are so many people suffering out there that are not as lucky as I was to have access to the Penny George Institute. I am so appreciative of my experience and will be forever grateful."