Healing through the power of integrative therapies, forgiveness

Michael, a 62-year-old resident of a St. Paul suburb, suffered from severe lightheadedness for nearly two years before he was referred to Courtney Jordan Baechler, MD, cardiologist and vice president of the Penny George Institute for Healing and Healing.

"There was no apparent external cause for the lightheadedness," said Michael. "My primary care physician gave me every test they could think of to rule out other conditions, and then I tried to let it go and ignore it until it escalated into a scary situation."

After seeing a neurologist and completing a three-month therapy program for dizziness and imbalance issues, Michael was tested for cardiac issues at United Heart & Vascular Clinic and then referred to Baechler for a preventive cardiology consultation.

"Dr. Baechler reviewed my entire lifestyle, from nutrition, exercise, to daily habits," said Michael. "I also shared with her that I had participated in a forgiveness workshop, which I found to be a healing experience, and was under significant stress. Although the forgiveness workshop gave me relief from long-term issues I had with my father, I was dealing with a knot in my gut and a sense of fear, stress and anxiety that would not go away."

According to Baechler, what Michael experienced with his symptoms is common. "The mind, body and spirit work together to affect our health," she said. "Science has proven that certain emotions can change the neurotransmitters our brain produces to influence which hormones and chemicals our body produces. It's amazing to see how anger, frustration, resentment and regret can lead to disease."

In Michael's case, there were physical symptoms manifesting from stressors in his life. "We see this so often in health care. People often suffer from physical symptoms for years before they seek professional help and relief," explained Baechler. "As a cardiologist, I have seen numerous patients who manifest their frustrations at home or work as chest pain. In Michael's case, we needed to first rule out any cardiac concerns, then work to address the symptoms affecting his quality of life."

Baechler referred Michael to Mark Roa, MA, LP, for biofeedback and Robert Decker, LAc, RPh, for acupuncture. "I had always been aware of the benefits of mediation, but when I saw the way my body reacted during deep relaxation in a biofeedback session, it was a real eye opener," said Michael.

"I feel strongly that this is the right path for me to heal and I am finally getting to the root of my symptoms. I feel very well cared for at the Penny George Institute and appreciate that my treatment is multifaceted."

Source: Healing Journal, Summer 2013
Reviewed By: Courtney Jordan Baechler, MD
First Published: 06/01/2013
Last Reviewed: 06/01/2013