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Penny George™ Institute for Health and Healing

Whether you need help with healing or want to improve your well-being, the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing – Owatonna is here to help.

We offer integrative health services, sometimes called alternative medicine or holistic health services.

If you are a patient in our hospital, you may have access to services such as healing touch, massage, aromatherapy, guided imagery, music therapy and relaxation techniques. These bedside services can help with pain relief, anxiety reduction and more.

Services for hospitalized patients may be available based on clinical need. They are offered at no charge and are supported in part through charitable gifts from the community. If you are interested, talk with your hospital care team.

Learn more about Allina Health's Penny George Institute for Health and Healing, a national leader and expert in holistic health.

[MUSIC PLAYING] The Penny George Institute for Health and Healing is really the transformative engine within a line of health. We're here to really deliver the evidence-based integrative medicine services right alongside traditional Western practices and deliver on prevention and wellness. 

We have a vision that we will create a healthier nation and healthier communities by transforming the way that we interact with people around their health. The mission of the George Institute is to optimize health and well-being by combining the best of Western medicine with practices that come out of ancient healing traditions. 

I think the philosophy, the recognition that you could never separate the mind, body, and spirit, the need to really help engage patients and empower has stayed the same. Really thinking about how we do that best in partnership with that person right in front of us. 

This is a place that really is interested and passionate about empowering them, so that they actually can optimize their own health, regardless of their health situation. The main thing is that the patient is the center of every one of these experiences. 

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